Jodie Rose Tidy Artist Management


New Untidy DJ & Producer

Jodie Doherty aka Jodie is very highly rated by everyone at tidy HQ. A young female DJ & producer that started her DJ career in 2015, cutting her teeth on the underground club circuit and playing the faster harder side of house at events like Tidy, Filth Face, Ideal, Boomtown Festival, Resurrection and One Big Bash. Fast forward to 2021, Jodie landed herself with a TidyPro scholarship which was awarded to her because of her drive and passion for the scene. Whilst on the scholarship Jodie excelled, being a star pupil throughout and is she now one of the very few female producers in the world right now that can claim that she writes all her music by herself.

Jodie’s infectious personality matches her tough Untidy sound and it is this that is setting her apart from her peers. With strong releases already scheduled for the end of 2021 as well as DJ appearances at key Tidy shows, Jodie is the next big thing in harder edged house music.

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