Andy Roden

Hard Trance DJ & Producer

Andy Roden, also known as B.E.A.R, is a prominent figure in the trance music scene. He started his musical journey in the early 2000s in the lively Birmingham club circuit, using free software and a Casio keyboard. His inspirations include iconic albums such as Tidy FC Annual and Gatecrasher Disco TECH.

In 2021, Andy completed the TIDY PRO course, which helped him achieve successful releases on well-known labels like Tidy Two, Outburst, Defiant, Frantic, and Positive State. One of the highlights of his career was mixing for Synthesis Vol. 4 alongside Renegade System.

Despite only starting his DJ career in 2023, Andy has already made a significant impact, performing at major events and sharing stages with hard dance legends. His sets are known for their unique blend of gritty trance, uplifting melodies, and hard-hitting drops, creating an electrifying atmosphere that captivates audiences.

Andy Roden is making waves in the trance music world, continuously pushing the boundaries of his craft and delivering unforgettable performances.

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